Pantaleón enters the Supreme Court

The fourth husband of Ms. Preysler and Nobel Prize in literature 2010 can now perceive how the name of its character of the famous novel will enter in history of the records of judgeship in the Kingdom of Spain. Don Ángel Fernando Pantaleón has been assigned new Supreme Court judge with a short majority, but sufficient, according to the recent modified rules of judges under recognized competition.

Behind closed doors of the “Poder Judicial España” and not in a public audience; the presentation of candidates was celebrated, as documented in the photo of the official juridical, in contradiction with the provisions of bulletin of Spain (B.O.E) dated 15th of July 2015.

In votes he was followed closely by the eternal candidate Don Carlos Lasarte, who, I fear, due to his advanced age, will have applied for his last time.

Being the lawyer in charge for the King Juan Carlos in the issue of paternity at the Supreme Court may have been an obligation in favor of Pantaleón and for sure a decisive fact of having the privilege as partner of the famous law firm Garrigues. Don Antonio is a genius relating to contacts, in each direction, as already known in the case “Torres Dulce” and even being a student of the renowned private school “El Pilar”.

Such an important incorporation would not miss any criticism or suspicion in the same CGPJ (general council of judges) and of course the Supreme Court itself, as it could not be expected differently, given the tendency of any jurist towards discussions and disagreements. The shadow of “eventual conflict of interest” lies upon the air around the plaza de la Ville de Paris (where the Supreme Court is located in Madrid), considering the broad range of clientele at the law firm Garrigues. If I may put it this way, his Lordship, I suggest keeping the new magistrate simply apart from any kind of activity as reporter, which does not mean, that there isn’t any kind of important judge who would be able to discuss future issues at the Supreme Court.

For me personally, it was a great honor having been nominated as candidate for this year’s turn of lawyers of recognized competence to the Supreme Court in 2015. The appearance in front of the permanent commission (CGPJ) simply left a bitter taste in my mouth, not even one word was directed to me and either any question was asked. To be honest, it may have been due to my 30 years abroad that such an important position would be considered to me. I was actually expecting a conversation between jurists with questions and answers, intercommunication at least. I guess I was wrong.

To show off (“puñetas” en las “bocamangas” de la toga) the sleeves of the robe comes determined in the rules of the Supreme Court since 1814. My sleeves of the robe will have to wait until the Supreme Court and  the Permanent Commission CGPJ will have internationalized or maybe become as brave as I was to apply at the turn of lawyers at the Supreme Court 2015.


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